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Principal Sir or Ma'am:

My name is Jason A. Spencer- Edwards, and I am an author. I write books because the statistics say that children of color are not reading. I wanted desperately to do something about this-so I created a publishing company with another author Kateline Gresseau. Our books are responsibly written, and deal with engrossing social issues that even appeal to reluctant readers. If you have an opportunity, take a look at the following article which illustrates the impact of our writing.


All of our books are Board of Education approved and can be found on FAMIS. I know our literature can benefit your school, and I'd love an opportunity to tell you how and arrange a free author's visit. I can be reached at 718 637-7222 or email: jasps@msn.com.

Thanking you in advance,

Jason A. Spencer-Edwards

Our Books

Book Book and Synopsis Item #
THE JOURNEY: SOLO: A coming of age story about a thirteen-year-old girl who is sick and tired of being pushed around. She considers joining a gang as the solution to her problems. The protagonist eventually discovers that her choices create her environment. She learns that she is not a victim, and her predicament only improves when she takes responsibility for her actions. 971330751
THE JOURNEY: SOLO II: The second installment in the trilogy. The protagonist (thirteen-year-old Solange Thomas) still grapples with her insecurities and guilt regarding her past mistakes and has to decide where her loyalty lies. She inevitably learns that one must be loyal to oneself (putting your focus on your future) first and foremost because each person must be accountable for their own actions. 901738840
JIGGY: Chronicles the life of a thirteen-year-old boy who places too much emphasis on material possessions. The author explores the notion: that if one uses wealth as a measuring stick to define an individual's worth, what happens when a person has little or no wealth. The protagonist eventually learns that life is more about what you represent: in terms of how you treat yourself, and other people.

A VALUABLE LESSON: A short piece based on a poem (with images also telling the story) about a lady who treats a homeless person unkind when he asks for a little help. She finds herself later on in the same predicament, as the homeless man is who has now gotten himself back on his feet gives her assistance. This story teaches tolerance and empathy.
I'VE GOT IT MADE: A book that chronicles the life of a fourteen-year-old boy who thinks that school is a waste of time. His focus is on finding an easy path to becoming rich. The protagonist eventually learns that no matter how much material success you get an education is still important because money can come and go but an education will open up doors that many can't open if the fame and fortune disappears.
PATROL BOY: A coming of age story about a fourteen year-old boy who uses his special talent which is his exceptional eyesight to acquire money illegally to impress his peers. He believes that having money, power, and respect are the only things you need to have a great life. In the end the protagonist learns that every action you take comes with it consequences and that "smart people think before they act and not so smart people act before they think."  901473308
DON'T SLEEP: Thirteen year old Brandon Stewart is just an ordinary boy until circumstances lead him down a dangerous path. Like Alice in Wonderland falling into the rabbit hole, he faces tough decisions and many temptations. Eventually he awakes from the nightmare that his choices have created over time and his life will never be the same. 901699594
GOOF PROOF: Fourteen year old Donald Young has his future all planned out. Striving to graduate first in his senior class, get the girl of his dreams, and be respected by all his peers. But his fool proof plan has unexpected twists and he learns his father's saying that "Being mature means being responsible when no one is around."  901949639

The objective of these novels is to teach children a life lesson without them being cognizant. We also provide author workshopnovels, thus allowing the students an opportunity to interact with the writers. Furthermore, each book has been used as a form of Biblio-therapy: tackling the issues that are relevant to our communities today.

Curriculum provided with all books
Price: $10.00 Per Copy (Each book)
Books are NYSTL Approved
Vendor #JAS030 ~ Contact #7000590

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